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Putting this and my other forums up for sale


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My career is taking a lot of my time and I just do not have the time to put into these forums as I used to.   I do not want to sell them to that Huge forum company in Canada that buys up most other motorcycle forums, and you guys certainly don't want that either, trust me.  


I want my forums to be owned by actual motorcyclists. I put a lot of time and thousands of hours into these forums and they will either go to a fellow motorcyclist or they will close and go offline.  I am adamant about that.  


But not just any Motorcyclist. The buyer must have some internet/software skills. You don't need to be a Coder, I have a low cost friend who can help with that. And this forum as well as my Tracer900 forum are both hosted by the Forum software company anyways, so they do all of the hard coding. You would have to e able to navigate the many pages of the backend Admin portal to adjust settings and keep up with software updates that come along Once/Twice per month.  


This and my other forums combined produce some revenue per month in revenue. This could be and have been much higher back when I had more time to devote to calling potential vendors and posting affiliate links. It's not enough revenue to quit your job over, trust me. But it more than covers the monthly costs for forum software fees. 


If you could devote two hours per day posting affiliate links (parts links to vendors I have agreements with like Revzilla that pay us % for every click that buys something) and also keep the supporting vendors engaged and maybe bring on some more who do not compete with the existing supporting vendors, you could seriously increase the monthly revenue easily.  These forums are an Affiliate marketers dream and I will include the Affiliate Marketing account and many thousands affiliate links already set up if you buy all three forums. 


There is also google banner ad income, you would simply have to create an adsense account with google. 


My forums also have 1st page Google search result links. Thousands of them. If you are a vendor, these alone are worth BANK.  Be number 1 for many Tenere 700 searches on google on day one of ownership. Simply change some of the text in those links/posts to your own media. 




If I was listing this forum and my other forums for sale on a website for sale site, I would easily get $30K USD.  I would consider a lesser amount for one of you.  


Tenere700.net. Tracer900.net FZ07.org  and  fz10.org are my forums. 


Send me a PM or email me directly at sincitybronco@gmail.com for more info. 


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Wow, this is a concerning development!  This is the only forum I spend any time with anymore (my career is also a big time suck), and it's been fantastic.  Thank you for starting and managing it!


I hope you find the sort of buyer you're looking for.  I'm sure most of here hope that!



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Well, i hope this forum will lives on. I got soooo much good info about the T700.

Keep it alife!



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Thanks and good luck. Would consider it myself if I actually had any computer skills. And money. Hope you stay in the scene. 🤘

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Agreed. This is the best MC forum around, bar none.  Your tutelage made this the #1 T700 information source and has attracted a great bunch of owners who are indebted to you.  Selfishly I hope you have a change of heart, but also understand life gets in the way and we all only have so much time in the day.  Best wishes for finding the right owner to hopefully keep this forum on the same path. 

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"Men do not quit playing because they grow old, they grow old because they quit playing" Oliver Wendell Holmes - Mods - HDB handguards, Camel-ADV Gut guard, 1 finger clutch, The Fix pedal & Rally pipe, RR side/tail rack, RR 90nm spring & Headlight guard, Rally seat, OEM heated grips- stablemate Beta 520RS

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Wow, what a surprising turn of events. I am a member of several other forums with this being my favorite. Seems to attract the most decent and helpful people. I hope you find who you are looking for. 

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For a forum of this quality and value to T7 owners, I would be happy to pay a subscription fee. Future owner/s could keep this in mind. 

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Like this forum most. Very good information and creative ideas to make the T7 better. 

Hope you’ll find a good solution for the persistence of this community. 

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