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New to the group and new t7 owner. Just wondering if anybody has any info or experience with super Trapp slip ons with the t7. 


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Welcome to the forum! First I have heard of the brand - haven't seen anything pop up on the forum specifically about them or fitment. Options would probably include getting a link pipe from Huzar exhaust or Camel ADV, and mount to a new bracket location. Or try a CB-500 pipe and try to retrofit it onto the existing hanger.

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Location: Central Ontario, Canada

Riding footage: www.instagram.com/beefmoto

Message me if you are close - let's go riding!

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I’m currently working on getting a SuperTrapp set up on my T7. I’ve ordered to Huzar high exhaust and expect it to be here in a week. I’ve been browsing the SuperTrapp catalog to see which is the closest overall dimensions to the Huzar muffler. Once the Huzar muffler  and pipe are fitted, I plan on ordering a SuperTrapp and see how it goes. Since the exhaust radiates 360 degrees out of a SuperTrapp , my thoughts are it would eliminate the burning of turn signals as well as be USFS spark arrestor approved.



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I installed the Huzar exhaust system and it seems to be doing well. Too well, as I’m actually enjoying the exhaust note. DB6FD532-C07B-4B25-B7A7-5C0A66308B10.thumb.jpeg.ffd4f985a07e353312163e9f05d32bc5.jpeg5EF39F10-831F-42A5-B98B-A3DDCC0EDAC8.thumb.jpeg.e0b0a73e6d7644766e9f69289b569b5d.jpeg

I have a CaMel ADV tail tidy, and had to make adaptors to move the signal lights. The system I have is with the 50cm muffler. The length of the muffler is 17.75”, plus the outlet elbow is another 2.75”.


This is the muffler and accessories I was going to order from SuperTrapp.




 But for now I’m having second thoughts about it. The end of the SuperTrapp will put the exhaust flow right at the end of the Huzar muffler in the picture. I’m sure the SuperTrapp will increase noise to the rider, as the exhaust exits in a radial direction and will be deflected by the motorcycle’s plastic body work. And while it’s been 30 years since I’ve used SuperTrapp on my ATC’s I do remember their bark.


If I were to do it over, I’d order the shorter 40cm Huzar muffler system which gives a longer headpipe so the SuperTrapp would exit farther to the rear of the bike. I still may try the SuperTrapp one day,  it for now I’m liking the directional exhaust of the Huzar. I did have to order a FischMoto spark arrestor ($80) for the Huzar and am waiting for it to arrive.



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Correction: (The end of the SuperTrapp will put the exhaust flow right at the end of the Huzar muffler in the picture.)


I should have said the SuperTrapp will end where to stainless end cap of the Huzar muffler starts and intersects with the black muffler body.


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