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Thoughts after 1,600km


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Liking the bike even better as I get more comfortable  on it but the shifting is horrendous.


Occasionally I won't be able to shift from 2nd to 3rd without some clutch manipulation or really trying to jam my foot up. Have had the odd down shift issue as well from 5th to 4th and 4th to 3rd. Super annoying on a new bike. I really hope this gets better as it's very disappointing on a new bike.


I started wearing Forma adventure boots recently so I'm going to test my previous footwear to see if that made a difference.


I've read the posts on here about it getting better with time so I'm going to wait before taking it to the dealer and move from Yamalube to Motul 7100 that I've used on other bikes.



As posted previously:


Just a quick synopsis of first impressions. I'm coming from sport bikes so take this with a grain of salt. New to the ADV world. I'm about 5'10" with a 31" inseam. 50'ish years old and weight fluctuates from 180 to 200lbs depending on my motivation.


The bike is tall. I bought the OEM low seat. The difference between the standard seat and the low seat is hardly noticeable. I'll just have to get used to the height.


It is top heavy. I will drop it. That's why I got the crash bars.


Coming from a sport bike I find the low speed handling a challenge but one I'm looking forward to tackling.


The bike is buzzier than I expected. There's a slight high frequency vibration transmitted through the bars and pegs.


Fuel gauge sucks as others have mentioned.


The bouncing dash is a little annoying but I'll get over it.


Fuel cap is slightly annoying but same as above.


Other than that it's a lovely bike.





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I had the same sum up as you.  I used lowering links as well as the low seat.  Now it fits me.  Trying riding low speed when standing up.  It works wonders.  The fuel gauge is just a gimmick so it should be in color for amusement purposes.  I doubt you'll get used to the dash.  I installed a Camel anti bobble head.  Wouldn't be without it.  All of the minor annoyances are manageable and I too think this bike is lovely.

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same. use the camel anti bobble.  there are other options.. but non beat this one. [and if you think its pricy. there is a chinees knock off. buddy of mine has it] 

tough camel tought of it first so i would say support him. [ you can also notice the lights dont wobble as bad as before]

fuel gauge nothing to do about.

and crash bars i wont go with out either. 

friend of mine crashed it with a test ride. .. seen what it can hold and what it can save.  i have the heed bunker. would not trade it.

fuel cap there are plenty of mods to make it hinch.. i have not done so jet. but i think of getting the one of t7 rally [not supported on this forum as bad delivery outside of eu]

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