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ABS sensor issue


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Through an act of sheer buffoonery I ripped the rear ABS sensor off the attaching wire. Naturally there are no replacement items in the supply system yet. So, now I'm riding around with an ABS light which triggers a 'check engine' light after a few minutes.  I've put a thousand miles on it this way and the braking is not effected (except for the lack of ABS).

I'm wondering about  a couple alternatives; maybe you can help...

1. Are the T7's ABS sensor heads universal across other Yamaha models?

2. If they are, can I splice another sensor onto the existing wire?


All the sensor head is is a magnetic pickup which sends a signal to the ABS computer, not unlike a bicycle speedometer. I would expect that since the T7 is a bit of a 'parts-bin' bike the sensor heads should be the same as in other models.... No ??

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A Yamaha dealer should be able to tell you the part number for the sensor.....you can then check whether it's the same part for MT/FZ-07, Tracer 700, XSR 700.

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Well, the supply chain caught up to the demand. The ABS sensor assembly arrived last week. Installation took about an hour. The ABS now works as advertised.

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Hi I have removed my rear wheel to replace a tube. when I reinstalled the wheel within 5 min of riding my ABS light come on then the engine management light. I have removed the ABS sensor to inspect it and it looks like is has been scuffed. Probably need to replace the ABS sensor.

Does anyone know the part number for a OEM ABS sensor? 

Is this the correct interface lead to connect  OBD 2 diagnostic to reset the fault lights on a 2021 Yamaha T7 Tenere?

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