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Two weeks in Santa Barbara, CA


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I'm going to spend a couple weeks in Santa Barbara starting Nov 8. I'll be bringing my Tenere 700 and trying to do day rides mostly but I'll bring my overnight stuff for one or two multi-day missions. On the list of places I already want to ride:

East Camino Cielo/Old Stagecoach
Angostura Rd
Pine Canyon and Sierra Madre Road (Santa Maria)
Mount Piños area
Carizzo Plain

I'm looking for any info on current conditions and watch-outs... like the Camuesa Rd is closed from flood damage in 2019, West Camino Cielo is currently on fire, etc.

Also looking for ride partners if anyone is interested.

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Seth hi - good time of year to be up here. Here’s what I know:

Carrizo Plain is good, as is the road over Pozo. At the same time look at Elkhorn Rd ( more or less parallel to Soda lake Rd ). Elkhorn has been on my list for a while now.

A month ago both East & West Camino Cielo were closed for ALL. This was because Fire Teams were attending to fires in other regions. Your best resource for conditions inside the Los Padres Region are the local Parks Board Offices - very helpful staff, and great maps.


Something not on your list which would make a great  day ride from SB is this:

Get to Ojai via the 192 and 150, then head out on the 33, over Rose Valley and Pine Mountain ( top of Pine Mtn you can go Right for Reyes Peak ( highest peak in area area 7200ft ). Out and back will add 15 miles. The Reyes Peak Road is typically closed for winters, should still be open now.

Once over Pine Mountain and just past Ozena Fire Station, hook Right onto Lockwood Valley Rd. Deserted, beautiful, 15-20 miles before turning left toward Pine Mtn Club, and then don’t miss the R-turn to Pine Mtn Club a little ways on. Cool bakery in Pine Mtn Club village.

More twisties and quiet roads take you to the 166, where you’ll turn left toward 33 again.

Check it out.

Hope you have a great time out here, be safe.


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Thanks for the info @thepointchris! I looked at the Alisal Fire Closure Map and it shows West Camino Cielo closed but East should be open. The first ride I want to do is up Gibraltar Rd across ECC down Stagecoach and then up the Paradise road and climb Angostura. Hopefully that's do-able.

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