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Resetting check engine light


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After accidentally ripping-off my ABS sensor and triggering the ABS warning light the check engine light came on about 50 miles later. Dealership sez this is normal, and don't worry about it until you replace the sensor.

Now the sensor is replaced and the ABS light has gone out,, but the check engine light remains illuminated.


It would be nice to be able to reset this myself rather than let the dealer charge me for a simple function. Is there any way to connect the OBD2 plug to my laptop and get the light reset? I suspect someone makes a patch-cord which will connect the bike's computer to my laptop. Did this on a previous bike (Moto Guzzi) many times.  I further suspect that a OBD code reader for a car won't work on the T7.


Has anyone gone down this road before?

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Fault codes  can be read and reset using a normal obd-2 code reader you would use on your car.  All you need is an adapter that fits the bike and converts to standard obd-2 connection. 

Camel ADV sells an inexpensive adapter or they can be found on amazon for very cheap.  


Watch his video on the bottom right of this page.




Does your T7 have a check engine light lit up? No need to take it to the dealer! With this adaptor cable, you can check and clear engine codes at home using a standard automotive OBD-II scanner*...



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The 2021 euro use the 6 pin, the 2021 North American and other markets with the Japanese made bikes still use the 4 pin adapter.

Maybe in 2022 all bikes will be the same?



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So, why, in the actual FECK doesn't the connector conform to the OBDII protocol with the STANDARDIZED connector? I thought it was an EPA requirement. Both of my Hinckley Triumphs do. 

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I wanted to give an update about the suggested OBD2 reader I suggested in the my previous post. It states on the page that it will turn off when the motorbike is inactive. The OBD2 connector on the motorbike is always on independent of the key position. I left the OBD2 connector attached for 6 days and went to try to start the bike. It started and I felt reassured. I did not have time to ride that bike that day, but when I came back a few days later the bike would no longer start.


TL;DR The OBD2 reader works but drains battery even if it should turn off.

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