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Turn signal/Hazard dead


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After 2 years my turn signal and hazard light just died. The dash light is also dead when operating them.


I am not an experienced mechanic 🙂


I have checked the 7.5A fuse for signal system and it's ok. Changed it anyway.

Now I wanted to check the relay but that's where I think I'm doing it wrong.




It says the outer pin should have 12V.

When measuring the middle pin i get 6.23 V. The outer has zero.



But when then turning on turn signal or hazard, both pins show zero volts on the multimeter.


Am doing this test wrong?

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Hi, on blue/red wire you should have 12V when blinkers/hazard is switched off and main switch on. If you don't have it switch off main and try to measure resistance from the fuse to connector blue/red, you should measure 0.1-0.5 ohms. If that is ok, with switched off main measure from brown to the ground, it should be open loop if blinkers/hazard switch is off.

Let me know what you have mesured.

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