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Rear racks and pillion comfort / compatibility.


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Hi. First Post!   Didn't say hello in newbie forum so apologies for that. So I'm test riding a 700 tenere tomorrow but I have a quick question for people that ride with a pillion.

Most/many rear racks seem to have raised edges, presumably for hand holds and bag tying down. Having not been able to see them in person I'd just like to know do the side rails interfere with the pillion bum cheeks?

Bit about me.

Live in the UK.

Had a xt660z that clocked up 116000 miles and was still going strong before I got slammed into from behind when I stopped for traffic at a roundabout. 

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Hi, welcome to the club! Shame about the 660 kick in the pants but hey ho... onwards and upwards.

I put some Rally Raid racks on mine, no pillion hand rail but my missus is happy without them... her calves can sort of clamp infront of the frames so she is a happy bunny clinging on to me.

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I have the grab handle type rear rack.  An Outback Motortek I believe.  The handles do not interfere with the passenger seating and gives the passenger something to hold on to.  

Welcome to the forum too.  Post a pic of the new bike for us.

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6 minutes ago, Redbikejohn said:

Thanks guys. Test road and paid deposit on bike today 😎 


Great news!  Now all you need to do is wait and be patient.  Some time buying a huge pile of accessories that you only need a third of helps pass the time.  🤣


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Just an update.

I was worried about topbox and passenger compatability so leaned towards the stock yamaha one. It looks a bit  big/bulky though so just couldn't make my mind up. Kept swapping between oem and other makes.

Lots of ebay searching for new bits..... then typed in T7 instead of yamaha T700 and hit the jackpot!  Someone had listed the full yamaha OEM panniers, racks and rear rack with a low start price and spelt tenere wrong.  Two lots, which I managed to scoop up for  -  £267! 😎😎😎 Bloody bargain 👌 

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Oh and I was supposed to pick the bike up today but called it off due to storm Arwen that is currently hammering the UK.  Wanted to go fetch the panniers etc too tomorrow but snow is forecast 😐 

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