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Yamaha Tenere 700 World Raid prototype


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Rally version coming in… 1…2…3. I’m sure some of you are waiting for such a version!

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So those tanks look similar to the ones in the spy shots from over a year ago. They also have an integrated crash bar, I am intrigued. Even more curious are the rear fuel tanks. Dual front and dual rear tanks. I wonder if they will show these bikes at EICMA to gauge interest in the idea of a long range rally variant.

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Some screen shots from the video. 





KYB suspension, Scotts steering damper, dual rally tanks front and rear.


Tech specs from the press release: 


Technical highlights for the Ténéré 700 Raid prototype


  • Complete Akrapovič titanium racing exhaust system
  • Advanced air intake and filter
  • 48 tooth rear sprocket
  • Large radiator
  • Double cooling fans
  • New water pump cover
  • New oil cooler
  • Reinforced Recluse clutch
  • Two-piece clutch cover
  • New clutch lever

Suspension system

  • 48 mm long fork with 270 mm travel
  • CNC fork crown
  • New rear shock absorber with 260 mm travel
  • New suspension link at the rear


  • Advanced single brake disc of 300 mm at the front
  • Racing brake pads
  • Upgraded master cylinder on the front brake
  • New brake lever
  • Large brake disc of 267 mm rear.
  • New attachment for brake calipers
  • Steel-wound brake hoses front and rear.


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It’ll be nice to see, in five years when they think they’ve teased us enough. I just hope some of the parts are retro-fittable. 

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1 hour ago, Ray Ride4life said:

And what's the added weight?


About a stone during lockdown, but I’m back in the gym again now. 😂🍩🍩

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29 minutes ago, Dougie said:

About a stone during lockdown, but I’m back in the gym again now. 😂🍩🍩

What kind of stone? A pebble or more like a Stonehenge size?

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Meanwhile, anxious riders around the globe still struggle to get their hands on a basic model we already waited years for. …These hype videos are so over done with the high speed drone footage & flashy switching from shot to shot as to make it near impossible to tell exactly what we’re looking at.  If only they could come out with production models at even half this speed . This new brand of “bait n wait” marketing is already getting really old. Nice looking concept, from what a guy can see in this dizzying pitch….

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Video from the EICMA show.

Nice bike, but not something we will ever see as a production model.




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Some additional aftermarket parts that I noticed in the video are the RebelxSport footpegs and Selle Della Valle seat. 

The tail taks seem much like the Camel Adv one . 

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Hi guys,


I was at Eicma 2021 I saw the new concept. It was really cool. Some parts was 3D printed and also chunky. 








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