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Transferring Y.E.S. warranty question


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I just purchased a used T700 that has the Yamaha Y.E.S. warranty.  In order to transfer the warranty to me, I have to have a Yamaha dealer inspect the bike and fill out paperwork to transfer the warranty to me.  There is no charge for the transfer, but the two dealers said they would charge an hour time, anywhere from $110 to $125 to do the inspection.  Is this the typical cost I should incur to transfer the warranty?  Anyone have a dealer do it for free?  Just askin.😀


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Griff it sounds reasonable: they're going to spend time on something that potential has much more future value to you. Gotto make a $, no? 

That's only if you want the Y.E.S Warranty 😃 Enjoy your Moto!

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I don't have the extended warranty, wasn't offered it at purchase, not even sure if its available in Europe but that price seems a bit sharp, I assume they're just going to look out the window at your bike and say  "yep that's a T7" but seriously modern Japanese bikes are unbelievable reliable, is anything going to go wrong in the next couple of years that they'll honer a claim on, if your piece of mind is worth that pay it, I personally think all extended warranties are a scam

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Thanks for the response.  Both dealers I talked to said they would go through a check list and operate the bike to make sure it was in proper operating condition before they would do the paper work to transfer the warranty.  I hear what you say about the warranty Mike99, but that is one reason I got this bike.  The warranty new is $600 to $700 here, so me paying a hundred or so is reasonable.  One dealer I talked to said they would do it for free, but they are 300 miles away, so not very practical.

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