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Yamaha T7 Tenere development never finishes...we have been designing a Billet Aluminium Bar Riser to replace the cast alloy OEM version, which has cast-in M10 bolts, which, in the event of a fall, bend easily, and cannot be easily straightened, so the whole OEM riser has to be replaced.
We have followed the KTM, and other enduro manufacturers, design approach of having "loose" M10 cap head screws, which are stronger than the OEM bolts, so in the very rare case that they do get bent in a fall, they are simple to replace.
We have also reduced the overall height of our riser by 15mm, to 65mm, for those riders who prefer a lower handlebar position, and then using different combinations of the 15mm & 25mm packers supplied, it is possible to raise the bars to either standard height, plus 10mm or plus 25mm, for taller riders.
This Riser is designed to fit with our Billet Top Clamp, but will also fit with the OEM top clamps.





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Nice product, been waiting for you guys to release this one.


 Now if only you would make a billet  top clamp for the Africa Twin... do you happen to know offhand the top clamp bolt spacing for the Tenere and the AT?  I think when I tried to compare them, both fore-aft and side-side were different.  

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Nice looking one and far more functional with replaceable bolt comparing to EOM.
At the same time, has it been verified to fit with steering damper for example TripleClamp ?


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On 6/10/2022 at 10:49 AM, Sergii said:

has it been verified to fit with steering damper for example TripleClamp ?

I too am curious if it is compatible with this mounting kit, @Ktmmitch


This steering damper kit for the Yamaha Tenere 700 (aka Ténéré T7) is designed and produced by TripleClamp Moto. It lets you mount a Scotts steering...


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