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My 3 day review . Will update as I go


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So I picked my black version up on Monday afternoon , I have done 3 commutes in gales , rain and ice . I will admit , I’m impressed . I came from the gen 3 MT09 . I move tomorrow which means double the commute distance . Looking forward to getting the t700 run in . One note from today . I have commuted this year on Gen 2 MT09 , Gen 3 MT09 , MT10 , 954 fireblade . Yet today , my last trip to work from my current home , was the fastest ever ? The roads were rubbish , my tyres are 50 miles old , yet the 700 is so easy to ride and very predictable , I love being able to see over the cars , the steering lock is great . I topped her up on way home , will see how many miles I get to a tank . Love it . No good pics yet as to busy packing . All stickers removed . Tail tidy during Xmas break . 6EAAA269-9E8A-4B02-B054-2ECF8130E200.thumb.jpeg.747d107eaad86c1d99a3605d7a4a3b81.jpeg

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As a commuter, the T7 is pretty fantastic.  Super nimble in traffic, handles brilliantly on roads with the stock Pirelli's, and the height is a huge asset.  I wouldn't agree she's faster than my Tracer, though, at least not in good weather.  But straight up, I prefer commuting on my Tenere 700.  And that seems kind of weird to me:  The Tenere is heavier, it's seat is less comfortable, it's got nowhere near the power...   But it feels much better commuting with it's nimbleness and height, and it's still got more than enough power for pretty sprightly street riding.  


I've always kind of wondered about people who commute on dual sports, as it always looked pretty sketchy and unpleasant, but I've been forced to revise that opinion after daily riding the T7.  


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My other bike is a Honda Crosstourer and i will sell that one next spring, also have a XT660Z but the 660 felt nimble against the CT but sluggish against the T7. The CT feels even more sluggish against the T7, it's ridiculously fast but the T7 is too much fun and more inviting to unfamiliar offroad.
Did some big trips on the CT but the next one will be on the T7 and only thing i will be missing is the cruise control but i think it will get me not so much in trouble along the trip... as fast as the CT (i have the tendency to get myself in trouble).

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