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The Winter Street Bike Project gets a name, logo, and identity…


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What’s in a name and logo anyway? EVERYTHING. They indicate the tone and intent of the project, and if chosen well, inspire and unify action.
This was true of our past street bike projects (Cafe Racer Project, Cafe replica Koncept), but this one will be slightly different…
Some of our bikes had internal code names. Our Sport Touring bike for example is code-named Tori (for Touring). The Yamaha R3 and FZ-07 Racing Prototype were code-named Traci (Track Racing). You get the idea.
When it came time for this new bike build, its code name gave us a sense of direction, and when I looked up the meaning of that name, it was spot on with our intent…
Déséré (Desert Racing)
It’s a female name of French origin, same as where this bike gets its pedigree from (Dakar) and where it was developed before it became a production model (T7 Concept).
Yep, we’re building a Yamaha Tenere 700! Although it *is* technically a street bike, it’ll have the functionality of its pedigree - a professional Rally Raid bike, deeply rooted in racing and ready to tackle anything, anywhere, anytime.
Meaning of Déséré:
You are an adventurer at heart, self-reliant and energetic. You love exercise, both mental and physical. Your movements are rapid, yet graceful; your speech is quick, yet elegant. You want things your way and you will become aggressive when all else fails. You value your freedom above all else. You depend on the feel of things. You possess the ability to improvise while events are in motion and can handle several things at once.
Déséré is a name that conveys a highly charged personality that attracts powerful ideas. You are diplomatic, gentle, intuitive, and cooperative. A gifted storyteller, you mesmerize others when you elaborate on the truth. You might not be aware of your powerful presence to others.
Personality of Déséré:
When people hear the name Déséré, they perceive someone who is stimulating, an idea generator, talkative, and charismatic. One that can attract, influence, and inspire people. One that radiates a potential for success that attracts others to your cause, and with a sense of determination that is solid as a rock.
What a more fitting name for our newest build:
Déséré - Infinite RAID Projékt
As for the logo and moniker, that wasn’t by accident either. It’s our take on the Tenere logo. The accents over the “e” in Déséré are of French origin, where the original T7 Concept was born, and where the first production Tenere 700’s were built, We’ve incorporated the map of the world due to the bike’s global appeal, and its ability to go anywhere in all conditions – gravel, sand, snow, dirt, tarmac, etc. The tri-colored bar above the letters represents a new adage for us: RAISE THE BAR, which is what we’re attempting to do with this new build.
As for the rest, Dictionary.com defines Infinite as “unlimited or unmeasurable in extent of space.” Paired with “RAID” as homage to Dakar and like Cross-Country Rally events, the Infinite RAID Projékt will know no boundaries. We even spelled “Projékt” with a “k” as a nod to the Czech Republic, where some of our electronics for on-board bike telemetry and navigational data are coming from.
We might not be gravel specialists, but as you can see, much thought has gone into this.
Follow us here and on Instagram for more info…







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  • pgeldz changed the title to The Winter Street Bike Project gets a name, logo, and identity…

Awww, here I read "The Winter Street Bike Project gets a name, logo, and identity" and thought you where making a winter based street bike, but that's not what you meant is it?  You're meaning that more as "This winter's Street Bike Project" right?

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