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T700 getting louder and poppier over run-in period


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Hi all, 

So got my T700 4 weeks ago now and have put just shy of 500 miles on her. I've been quite careful for the running in period, very rarely exceeding 6000 RPM and only using above 70% throttle once for a much needed overtake. 


Over the time I've noticed the exhaust sound go from a sort of refined constant to a more open, burbling sort of sound which is more noticeable upon start up and low revs than before. It doesn't sound mechanically bad; it's just not what is was before.


Is this part of the normal bike running in process and has anyone else noticed their T700 getting noticeably louder, burbly-er over break in?  Just naturally worrying that I've somehow mistreated the engine..... 




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Completely forget about worrying. There's nothing wrong, it is a Yamaha. You (nor has anyone else who'd even rev higher) have not mistreating the strong T700 CP2 engine. It is natural as the engine frees up and everything settles in the exhaust and the engine and exhaust starts to flow better which will sound more burbly with more pops etc on the overrun especially as it is ride more and more normally. Yeah, mine sounds so much better, more burbly and far less muted now at 1400 miles than it was with the newly muffled up sound when it only had 4 miles on the clock. All good.

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Packing material in the exhaust will settle plus things internally get more free and is completely normal for most bikes. Although I am still waiting for mine, I expect to experience the same.

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Thanks both; very reassuring. I've not owned a 'big' bike before (125cc max before) so this is an adventure into the unknown... at comparative warp speed...

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