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Either or.  I'm biased toward the T but I have ridden with many a Vstrom rider and I don't recall any negatives for that kind of riding you're leaning towards.  But if you have a choice...  Tenere 700.  Just because you'll look way cooler.

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Ténéré is 16kg lighter and almost 50cc more. This summer i will go on a 8500km trip in the T7 to the North Cape and back via Russia and the Baltics.
It's twisty asphalt in the fjords, offroad on the Finish TET and most likely bad roads and offroad in Russia and the Baltic states. The last day will be mostly highway.
I also have a Honda Crosstourer and the older Ténéré 660 but no doubt on the T7 for that trip.

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I rode an older 650 Strom for 46k miles, and it was certainly very capable of a trip like that as is my T7. Almost sounds like you'll be renting a bike and are trying to choose which? If so, flip a coin because you can't lose either way.

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5 hours ago, Ntik said:

Good evening guys. Many and upright km to all.i want to your  help please.

. For a double trip, around 400 km with a little soil which of the two, vstrom 650 xt or the tenere 700.?

By "double trip" do you mean with a passenger riding with you on the bike?


Does that change any of  the advice you got? Is the Suzuki more suited for a passenger than the Tenere?


And yeah, you'd look more cool on the T.

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