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JTF1591.16RB JT Sprocket will Not Fit on T7 Output Shaft Splines - Anyone Else Experienced This?


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Has anyone else had any issues with JT front sprockets JTF1591 not fitting the oem output shaft splines? 


It will only slide on about 4-5 mm out of approx 11 mm total on the splines & no amount of rocking or coaxing will get it any further (just the sprocket without the chain)....I tried installing both directions, which the oem will do easily.


It appears to be rubbing/scoring the sides of the oem output shaft splines...so am speculating that the JT sprocket splines are a little too thick as there does not appear to be any other indicators of rubbing on the valley or peak of the splines on either the  output shaft or the sprocket. 


I also notice that the top of the JT Sprocket teeth are thinner & narrower than the oem. 


JTF1591.16RB is the correct part number according to their catalogue...they make a 15 & 16 tooth in both all metal & rubber coating styles citing the same prefix JTF1591 for all years of Tenere 700 + the MT-07.





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I have the same sprocket with same number, its without the rubber. According to the order information it said "fine geared". I' m not sure what it means, or how different it is.

As i couldnot get the axelnut off, i went to my yamaha dealer and they installed the 16T sprocket. They did not mentioned any issues.

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In my past experience, the sprocket should slide on fairly easily or just with a little help from a rubber mallet.   Any forcing of the sprocket and metal has to move.  Check to see the splines are clean and free of debris and lubricated before pressing it on.  If you have to struggle, stop, don't force it.   It looks like the sprockets match when you lay them on top of each other so it should fit.  

One question...  how easy did the OEM sprocket come off?

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