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2021 Yamaha Tenere 700 (Alberta Canada), modifications since 2020


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2021 Yamaha Tenere 700  (Purchased Aug 2020)

First off, this is my first adventure bike. I have owned 20-25 off road bike and only a few street bikes.

Currently own a 2016 Yamaha FZ09, 1995 Yamaha Vmax, 2017 KTM 350 EXCF, 2014 KTM 450 SXF, 2013 KX500 Service Kawi, (and a few project bikes). I’m a old MXer, Ice Racer, off road rider and do most of my own work on my bikes.  


Back to the Tenere (note* I’m a big guy at 6’3” and 270 lbs)


Stage 1 (Winter 2021)

Yamaha rally seat – I like the height and the foam  (I truly disliked the stock 2 seat removal system) (Good Modification)

Foot pegs – IMS steel pegs, work good and great value, almost the same size as stock, I hate the looks of the stock units (GOOD MODIFICATION)

Handle bars and hand guards – Rental taller bars (~5-10 mm taller and less sweep) and tusk hand guards (GOOD MODIFICATION)

Grip warmers  – Yamaha parts, these are garbage, barely a warmer, these units are junk (POOR MODIFICATION)

Mirrors and Windshield – Double take mirrors and windshield height adapter (Mirrors GOOD MOD, OK MOD for the windshield adapter)

Skid plate – Tusk, (doesn't have the shock cover/guide, it’s a fine unit, a bit heavy (GOOD MODIFICATION)

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Good job @174ktm.  There is a few of us Alberta T7 riders here.  

I would have liked to keep all my past bikes but where do you warehouse them.  Not to mention the registration and insurance for the museum pieces.  Nice line up of machines to tinker on and ride.  Please post up a pic of some of those bikes.  Very interesting.

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