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Dynojet PV3 feedback


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New 21 T7 in the garage.

I have a full exhaust in hand for the bike.


I like the idea of the PV3 vs sending my ecu out....does the PV3 alter ignition tming as well as fuel?  Also is there a decel fuel cutoff feature in the PV3?


Feedback from users of the PV3 ...especially with full exhaust.



 58yrs old/brother/husband/father/paramedic/soldier🇨🇦 


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I also dont like the idea of sending ECU out. I haven't done anything yet to my bike power wise, but researching this topic i personally come in to conclusion that IF i will decide to do some power ugrades i will go with rapidbike module, as this seems to work like autotune (additional module with PC range. And you can add and remove mods without the need of changing map.

But that's only if... i have come across this German video (i understand German just enough to make sense out of this video) and realized it will cost around 1000 euros to... gain 4 BHP and around 4 Nm of torque. Still haven't decided if i can be bothered to spend so much for so little gain.


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i have about last year the PV3 with the full Akra Exhaust (open header without kat), twin air filter with the same mapping like the offroadcracks rally t7.



  Jetzt geht’s ans Eingemachte und der T7 wird auf dem Prüfstand alles abverlangt. Außerdem wird der erste Prototypen-Rohling hergestellt. Bevor


there are about seven parts for this rally build.

very nice contact.


for me is that the ideal power output for this bike. sure always can be more ( i have own a tuned with dynojet pc5 ktm SDR1290 before).

but is a good balance for this bike.

you dont have to play with the transmission, there will be always enough power for street and dirt.

you can go in second for power wheelies without using the clutch to get the bike up in the air.

the bike had to come in stock with this poweroutput.


its a good upgrade, but i think the best upgrades for this bike are a other suspention (like i have öhlins)

and the higher rally seat.


after this change the bike become so much better for me, can only recommend to try-, test drive it by a members bike or a dealer,

where the tenere have other suspention the rally seat.


iam on the path (like with all rides i have) to make the t700 lighter.


15-20 kg / 33-44 lbs is realistic for me. that makes a good difference too.

but the bike still looks like a bike 🙂 and like the t700.


kind regards




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