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shock linkage bearing "play"


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i changed a u/s bearing in my linkage today. i had about 1/4 play at the rear wheel. its miles better now but there is still a very small amount of play. i cant see any visible play but can feel it. am thinking there should be no play. would that be correct?

as an aside. in future i will buy better quality after market bearings and seals.(i purchased from wemoto and they supplied allballs nameless bearings.the sleeve and seals were genuine yam spares) also i will try longer bearings. theres loads of room in the lower  housing.

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Reviving this tech question. Just noticed the same thing on my bike taking the shock out to replace the spring. There is a ton of play in the dog bones port to starboard. They're tight and there's only 5k miles on the bike. Is this bad? I'm not a professional by any means but this kind of slop gives me pause 



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Nvm there is way less than in my video. I loosened the wrong bolt just then and it's much better now. Closer to OPs claim of 1 to 2 mm side to side. Phew 😅

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