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Does T7 have a breakin period in the ECU ?



Brand new 21 T7 in the garage....literally hasnt been run yet other than dealer PDI  


I have a full exhaust in hand and plan on either an ECU flash or DJ PV3 device to tune the bike.


Does the ECU have a breakin mode  and if so I assume I should run the bike thru that before flashing it??


My last couple of new snowmobiles had breakin modes in the ECU.




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On 2/15/2022 at 10:43 AM, DuncMan said:


Nothing I've ever heard with regard the ECU.


Nor me but, it'd be perfectly feasible to program an ECU to actually restrict excessive use.

My 2015 Tracer was restricted in 5th and 5th gears.

An ECU flash eliminated those inbuilt factory restrictions.

Never heard of  a 'break-in' setting on an ECU though.


Well, not until now when I learned Snowmobiles 'ave 'em.

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I don't think on such budget bike with so low power output they would bother wiht special firmware for running in period. They do connect the bike to diagnostic port to see potential error codes at first service, but it just that - clearing the codes, monitoring parameters.

If i was you i would hold on a bit until bike is run in and then do mods... i would fit just slip on, and wait with PV and full exhaust until first service is done and engine run in. Just to avoid any potential issues and problems with warranty claims.


Power mods when you running the engine in are pointless anyway, as you won't feel the difference, since bike won't give you full power initially anyway. Even on standard bike you will see how it feels more "loose" and more happy revving as you go through running in, so get this done correctly, then chuck some mods on to see even bigger difference. It will be healthier for you bike and more pleasant for you, since you will see more difference after spending extra money.

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