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DYI Aux lights universal wire harness.


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For those of you who prefer to build your own Aux light system, as opposed to purchasing some of the very expensive complete kits available out there, this little kit could help you. 

I’ve been fumbling through the idea of setting up some Aux lights for awhile now. I didn’t want to put up the money for the complete kits out there and preferred to muddle my way through building my own kit. So last year I got a mount bracket, then some lights. Now I needed a switch and some wires. The lights I got just come with 2 short wires ea and nothing else. 

So I’ve had some experience wiring in a bunch of Aux lights for our Yamaha SXS and thought I’d  look for a similar wiring harness kit for the T7. I’ve used these Nilight kits and picked this one up for $12 that includes a switch, relay, inline fuse (if you want to go straight to the battery) lots of lead wire and it’s pre-spliced for 2 lights. For my little project I will likely cut off the battery terminals and I’ll wire it to one of the keyed on Aux connectors. 

My little lights that turned out in person to be waaay bigger than I thought they were supposed to be… (but damn they are bright) 


The short 2 wires that they came with.  


The Nilight kit I got for $12. 


The kit includes the battery terminal blades shown on the left with the inline fuse, the relay, the long wire to the (lighted) switch and the super long wire with the 2 sets of leads to be connected to the lights. I haven’t wired this in yet but did temp wire it to the battery and lights and it works great! 


The lighted switch. I didn't want a big rocker or a handlebar switch for that matter. So now I have to find a place for this little guy. 



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Yes I would agree. If this was an accessory I intended to use often I would want to fit the switch on the handlebar. But for me, this accessory project is more for fun, it will be very rare that I will need to use these lights and I don't really want any more things on/around my handlebars, I’ve got enough now. It’s just for rare occasions to help me with unexpected situations. 

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Got this harness and a pair of 60w lights, can I wire the red from the switch ("link the positive wire") to the 2amp connector on the side?


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There is a great place right next to the dash board. I moved the usb-socket to the other side so that I can operate the light switch better with my left hand. The usb-socket hole is quite big, so I made an adapter to the light switch from an old cigarette lighter socket.



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Yup, excellent spot!


After much anguish and difficulty, I ended up getting it in here. Narrowly though. There really “almost” was not enough room, but there was, so it’s perfect! (For me) 





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