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Quick release screen .


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Hello new boy here in UK .
Been racing MX / Enduro / trial since I was 8yrs old .   Over this 45yrs never owned a Yamaha !  So my T7 will be along soon .


fairly regularly I will need to be able to get the bike in my Spinter race truck with out removal of  front wheel.

So has anyone made a quick release screen / split black frame on R clips etc ?

Thanks in advance , sorry if posted in wrong section .

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I’ve not seen a quick release, but it wouldn’t take much to sort. There are adjustable screen risers for about £30+ and you could use that. As we’ve had MANY discussions over wind buffetting for anyone over 6’, some of us have just cut the screen down/ fit sports screen. Gets it down to the top rail. Correct machine screws through the rear of the mount points and screen could be use with the easily available knurled nuts. 



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Thanks Dougie , looks like a fabrication job will be on the list .  I’ll post up some. Pics when  done . 

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46 minutes ago, 955man said:

Thanks Dougie , looks like a fabrication job will be on the list .  I’ll post up some. Pics when  done . 

Yeah, I ordered a sport lower but screwed up and accidentally ordered the same size🙄. So I cut the wrs screen down. Replacements are cheaper acrylic not like the original so I wouldn’t butcher the original. If you look on WRS screens you can see the dimensions of the sport lower, and cut and polish to that. I thought it may have cracked but was fine, then polished edges with micromesh. 

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