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1 Week with my new T7


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So i have picked up my T7 last week. Its awesome, was originally going with an AT but so pleased i moved to the T7. At the moment i wouldn't change anything! I have only just been running it in on country lanes, motorways, A/B roads etc. No off off road yet but i cant wait for that, only limitation i have had with that is having no time to do it!


I went with quite a few of the optional extras and pleased i did. Whilst not cheap i can't fault any of the options.

Explorer Pack

PIAA Spots(Headlight fitting)

Comfort seat

Front and Rear Plus LED indicators

Rad protector

Heated grips

Licence plate holder

Tool Kit

All of these are worth the money in my opinion and just make the bike. Its going for its first service tomorrow then it's off to France. Cant wait! Get in some off road too! For me coming from sports bikes I'm pleased to find that it pulls strong and goes really well. The noise from the standard can is great, instruments are clear. Only thing i need to get is a low profile sat nav mount. The standard garmin 595 sticks out a little to far for my liking from the top tube above the dash. I think SW make one but i have seen a flat mount for sale in US.

Im really pleased with my lighting upgrades. The Indicators add some extra safety both front and back and the PIAA just add more none dazzling light up front. One thing that really has surprised me is how good all the lights are!

Seems good on fuel, i don't really worry about it to be honest just fill up as and when i need to but it certainly doesn't feel like it drinks it.


If anyone has any specific questions then please feel free to ask. So pleased i have one, other than piece of garaged exotica i don't really want anything else, this bike is awesome! 

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Congrats on your extras yes I have a question that I cant find no info anywhere what is the RPM in top gear at 100 KPH    110 KPH   and 120 KPH just curios thanks 👍

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On 11/11/2019 at 2:20 AM, Ten7 said:

Congrats on your extras yes I have a question that I cant find no info anywhere what is the RPM in top gear at 100 KPH    110 KPH   and 120 KPH just curios thanks 👍

I have just got back from a 2000 mile trip, had i have seen you post i could have checked exactly for you. What i do know though is that sitting at 6,000 rpm was approx 130-135 KPH or 80-82 MPH ish. I will double check this for you when i next go for a ride. The ECO indicator goes out at 82 MPH and as the engine goes over 6000 ish RPM.... Hope this helps

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On 12/5/2019 at 5:10 PM, ahamay said:

What is the comfort seat? The optional rally seat?


I wonder as well.  I've seen a pillion comfort seat, a rally seat, and a low seat.  I've not seen a rider comfort seat.

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So the comfort seat is an option seat for the pillion only. I decided to get this for the rare occasion that if i take the wife out she at least has the most comfortable option. It is expensive but she says she noticed the difference, so if your planning on taking pillions its worth a thought....

Its also worth noting that with the explorer pack you get the rear pillion seat replacement which is basically a flat metal metal seat which allows you to tie things down to. If you had a rear luggage bag, box etc you could strap it down or bungee things to it so again useful. 

The rally seat i don't have, but as i understand is a one piece unit that replaces both rider and pillion seats. I believe it is not as wide and is slightly taller than the standard rider seat, making more ideal for those with a more focused off road intention. I then think that there is a lowering kit and lower seat available for those wanting a lower ride height.


I hope this helps

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