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Siberia trip 2020, Tenere 700 from France

ACD Racing

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Hello 👋


We are ACD Racing Parts. You may know us already as a manufacturer of motorcycle accessories. You have probably heard about our skid plate for Tenere 700 too. We are here on this nice and cosy forum to show you our products and to answer any question you have, but not only.


One of our recent customers is going to make a 5 month trip through Siberia next year on a Tenere 700 bike! His name is Sébastien Blandin, he is from France and he has his own blog on french about his trips. So all of you who speak some french — are very welcome to join his trip as a spectator! 😉


As a nice bonus, Sébastien just recently wrote a review about ACD skid plate. And even if you don't speak french, you can see some more pics of the plate in comparison with original one, for example.


I just post the route he has planned below. Crazy! Anybody of you thought about going for such a long adventure with  your Tenere 700?


voyage moto Russie sibérie



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ACD RACING PARTS — Protect your passion



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thanks for this post !:)

My english is not perfect but i will try to speak as good as possible with all here 🙂

And I will be happy to speak about travels with all, not only mine 🙂


I'm just going to finish an Iron Butt with the T7, SaddlseSore 1600 km: 1669km , 17h45. This ténéré is really a wonderfull nike !!! 😄

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Find "mobylette rollers" on social medias ! 🙂

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😂😂 I'm in love with my T7, it was like to be alone with my lovely baby all this time... 😉 

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Find "mobylette rollers" on social medias ! 🙂

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