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New in France


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Hello, new rider from France.


Pick up bike on April 1st.


Added, chain guide, heated grips, headlight protection, crash bars, OEM motor protector, meta07 tyres.


All added for off road and after reading this forum.




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Welcome to this forum @RoyFrance.  That looks like a bike that I would ride.  Congratulations and have way to much fun.  

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So an update as a new T7 rider.


Just did 1600km in 4 days (must book in the service). 


Findings  - Mitas e07 and standard screen allowed me to travel at 140kph easily on the French autoroute and keep up with Bigger touring bikes. Seat is hard so expect a few aches and pains.


Twisty french roads, again performs really well and keeps up with bigger road bikes.


Off road - 300km so far, had 2 days with great off road school (globe air) near Rodez.


Bike is far better than me, I dropped it on each side a few times but at low speed. 


Single forest track, is OK and can go most places that Honda CRF300 with knobblies went. Even did a rocky enduro climb, slid off one but again more me than the bike.


Don't go alone, it is too heavy to pick up on your own more than once.


OEM protectors and thicker engine guard worked really well. Bike has a few scratches after the drops but nothing broken.


Headlight protector did its job but is now only attached with upper screws, lower plastic snapped.


A few pictures.






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Good job and great pictures.  Thanks for posting the report.  How did your tail pipe fair out after the drop(s)?

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Hello the tail pipe (exhaust) is all good, few scratches but did not bend or dent in any way. Indicator popped out but just pushed back in and all OK.

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