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New lower Rally seat ?.


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I’m interested in the new (lower) rally seat with the Yamaha logo on it

anyon got any info on it?


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Looks nice, but about +20(maybe 28)mm instead of +40. Not as comfortable as the proper rally seat. About the same padding as the two piece, maybe a little more. You can feel the difference. 

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Check kedo.com

It's a strange website, but they have tons of stuff on stock and never had issues with them delivering abroad. 

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Tried all three just the other week.  At 5'11" the "proper" rally seat was just a touch too tall to be confident on.  That said, it was the most comfortable and grippy by a stretch.  Made the riding position much more "motorcrossy" than stock, and I felt like Pol Tarres.  The loud pipe may have had something to do with that too....  As suggested by Dougie, its apparently +40mm compared to the stock two piece.  Price at dealer an eye watering €400...! 


The "new" rally seat (as fitted to the Rally edition) is around +20mm compared with normal.  Wasn't able to take it for a spin, but had two bikes right next to each other, so could hop from one to the other, and it doesn't feel too different (in comfort) from the normal seat.   In the showroom it made the bar position more "natural" for me than the stock bike.   Price at dealer also €400...!   


The normal seat wasn't unduly uncomfortable on the 80km test ride.  Maybe I didn't notice because it was too cold.  That said the bars felt a bit high and riding position more "cruiser" like.  


If the price wasn't so steep I would have without a doubt gone for the +20mm rally seat.  As it is, I'm still toying with the idea, and may get it eventually, but for the time being, other farkles get priority.

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