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Hello all,


Just waiting for my new bike to be delivered (hopefully in January) so am wiling away the seconds by trawling the internet for T7 related guff.  I had a 2-hour test ride on the demo bike at Powerbiking in High Wycombe a few days ago and that hasn't helped my impatience at all.  I loved it.  Really looking forward to riding it off road and planning some TET related adventures.  I recently had a BMW GSA that was brilliant but massive and sold that for a KTM 690 enduro, which I bought 3 days before smashing up my shoulder big time in a motocross accident.  It's a great bike but doesn't tick the boxes in the way a T7 does.  (If you know anyone who's looking for a 2014 model, let me know!).


I've been riding for 40 years and this bike is my 50th birthday present to myself.  I'm hoping that this bike will be a keeper but I keep saying that!  It's the 1st Japanese bike I'll have owned for 15 years.  I've been riding Ducatis mainly but starting going back to my dirt roots about 3 years ago, doing enduros and green laning and amassing a garage full of Husabergs and KTMs.  They're all going now (apart from the Husaberg FE450 70 degree engine) to make way for the Tenere.


I shall ride the bike for a few months before deciding on any upgrades.  I'm going to stick to the roads until the spring/summer as I still have a lot of strength to recover in my shoulder before I start launching myself at the scenery (again).


In the meantime, I shall be checking in regularly to see how other owners are getting on with their bikes and what improvements can be made and which tyres I should fit and which GPS system to use ;-).


Cheers and ride safe

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yeah Ray I had a 690 for 5 years done 20,000 klm's on it, but I want something to cover the bigger miles easier & more comfortable for the missus on the back. I pick mine up in a bit over 2 weeks, mine is a 53rd birthday present.

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