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OBD2 reader ??


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Have a 2021 T7...new

Just had ecu reflash done by 2WheelDynoworks


Bike runs SWEET


I have a cel code after reinstalling my ecu....I am told it will likely clear itself after running the bike a bit...seesm when flashing the ecu disconnected from the bike it doesnt see all its sensors and Shet so throws codes.


I may need a OBD2 reader to clear the codes


Are all OBD2 readers the same or are there different gens of them/different types etc??

The T7 use the same standard OBD2 reader as everyone else??


I have a adapter from Camel that mates my oem factory diagnostic plug to OBD2 connector

 58yrs old/brother/husband/father/paramedic/soldier🇨🇦 


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I downloaded Torque (lite) free app & got a blue tooth unit for the OBD2 adapter. Managed to clear the code after the same ECU flash. Even for a techno challenged guy like myself it was manageable. Can’t remember how it went enough to walk you through it here though. 

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Yup I read that excellent thread before sending my ecu off for reflash.    


Queryin OBD2 readers in general...are they all the same or different ones?  Rather have one that has an interface on it rather than an app for my phone and bluetooth

 58yrs old/brother/husband/father/paramedic/soldier🇨🇦 


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Functioning wise, they all more or less the the same.


but a for the plug, I think there are different one: rectangle vs round...that part I am not 100% sure

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Bought a cheap simple OBD2 reader...plugged in using the oem yamaha/obd2 connector I bought from Camel...read/cleared my code...all is good.  There was just the 1 chek engine code present.

 58yrs old/brother/husband/father/paramedic/soldier🇨🇦 


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I had 4 codes after the ECU flash.  108, 113, 118 and 122.  Cleared them all with the reader.  All seem to be related to what the flash promised.

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So, any reader will work to read codes, but you're IMHO way better off getting a better bluetooth reader and using that, because it can do MUCH more than just read codes.  You can monitor engine data *while riding* with the Torque app (or many other apps) and a bluetooth reader, even charting data live.  


The $5-10 Amazon blue bluetooth dongles work fine, but there's a danger: They'll continue drawing power when the bike is turned off to power their radios, and this can result in a dead battery after a week or so.  So if you go this way, don't leave them connected 24/7.


I personally prefer this one: 


OBDLink LX Bluetooth will turn your Android or Windows device into a trip computer & real-time performance monitor. Includes the free OBDLink app for Android.

As it will go to sleep when the bike is turned off and not drain power.  It comes with great smartphone apps too, not as good as Torque but very easy to use.  I keep this installed on my Tracer all the time, as it's fun to have an additional display on my phone showing top 0-60 times, top speeds, and other fun stuff while screwing around.  


I find the phone app versions are SO MUCH EASIER to use, too.  Torque, for example, will not just tell you "It's showing code 108", it'll tell you what that means and provide a web site link to more information about it.  The hand held code readers are limited and often not super helpful if you don't know what the code numbers mean.


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