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Fabros mix of bikes - past and present


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Hello guys!


Just thought that I would share my past and present bikes, for those of you that would like to see. ? 


I got my license in 2011, and the bikes have been of various kinds ever since. 


I started out with this 1997 Kawasaki ER-5, actually borrowed from my mother, and still in our family: 

44261977105_165444f596_z.jpga30a771d8402555ff0c8d92edf377808 by Fabian Rosenberg, on Flickr


Then I bought a 2003 Honda VFR800 Interceptor: 

30234547017_71a4748d21_z.jpg32d70c8a7e8e78fd5cde7adb18091c3f by Fabian Rosenberg, on Flickr


While having the Honda, I bought this Yamaha XS650 with some light modifications:

44261977185_0c014a7f9d_z.jpg0586f20958cd0f3202b53883d01308ba by Fabian Rosenberg, on Flickr


After some time with the XS650, I traded it with a 1999 Suzuki GSX-R600. I actually had my first meeting with the asphalt on this one. Repaired it and sold it afterwards:

45124138782_3366685dfa_z.jpg0bf0ad6f55be229fbad9a862d18678ee by Fabian Rosenberg, on Flickr


After watching some ADV-videos on YouTube and talking with some adventure guys, I bought myself a 2013 BMW F850GS. I am not a tall guy, 5´9 with a 30" inseam and the bike was 35,5" over the saddle. I sure learned how to one-foot a bike on this one! 

44261976895_08349d2652_z.jpgb7898138458b7c40b7b358aed02342f7 by Fabian Rosenberg, on Flickr


Then I traded my baby-GS in a brand new Triumph Bonneville T100 at the start of 2017. I wanted a smaller bike for commuting, and I have always loved the classic look with modern techs. 

44261976935_551ab1338a_z.jpg1527e7a5331eb3bab087843a11518c9e by Fabian Rosenberg, on Flickr


While driving the Bonnie, I really missed the capability to drive wherever I wanted. So then I sold all of my track cars, track car stuff and worked like a horse to save up some cash to buy my dream bike, a brand new 2017 R1200GSA that I used pretty much for everything. Here from a trackday:

44261977115_0c6a62a4a7_z.jpgffb530fde1a97afe0be852262a00dee7 by Fabian Rosenberg, on Flickr


Since my in-laws run the largest Yamaha dealership here in Norway, I decided to buy one, or actually two 2018 MT07´s at the start of the season, just to get to know the engine and the bike before the Tenere 700 arrives. One for me and one for my girlfriend:

45173327461_09b8ee09ec_z.jpgIMG_0136 by Fabian Rosenberg, on Flickr


And a picture of how it was after some modifications. Yamaha Plus Indicators, MIVV exhaust, OES crash protection, Gilles levers, short license plate mount and USB power socket. Both the bikes are completely the same:

44261976965_eb3c89f24d_z.jpg6cfdf54d1a3276d56d81ba4d34142d9d by Fabian Rosenberg, on Flickr


Then, one month ago, I decided to sell my MT07 and wait for the Tenere 700 to arrive next spring. Since the snow comes in October-November here in Norway, and stays until March-April, I didn´t see the point in keeping it. I still kept my girlfriends MT07, so I can still play with the CP2. ? 


Since the season isn´t completely over, I decided to buy a cheap bike to use, so I bought a 2001 Yamaha TDM850:

44261977255_769c5f4aa1_z.jpg2b31de9710579a1cc3e960abc8b16e00 by Fabian Rosenberg, on Flickr


And hopefully, this will arrive in March 2019:





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3 hours ago, admin said:

:classic_cool:My goodness that is a killer collection of bikes ridden, considering that you have only been riding since 2011. 

Are you on our forum at fz07.org ?  I think I recognize your username

Thank you! 

Well, I am always (way too) enthusiastic about my hobbies, and I just get more and more interested in bikes. 

I am reading the FZ07 forums from time to time, but I never post there. ? 



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