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Rear duffle bag suggestion


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Hi, finally after exactly 1 year and 13k Km I came to a point where I'm looking for a rear duffle bag.


I have to be honest, after I saw Mosko moto luggage I fell in love with them, in fact I'm planning to install Outback Motortek rear rack and buy Mosko side bags, but for the top rear luggage I'm not so sure.


The Mosko Backcountry is really beautiful and I love the idea to turn it into a backpack for small trips, the only problem is that I'm essentially a solo rider, so in case of a long trip (for example on the highway) I don't feel very comfortable to leave my bag on the bike while I'm taking a coffee, eating a sandwich or simply goingo to the bathroom...
Seems like the Mosko product doesn't have any metal plate insert to use with some locking strap or a metal wire with a padlock.
It also lacks some sort of quick mount/release system, so basically every time I stop I have to detach the bag with its straps and take it with me, then reattach everything again, which seems pretty annoying and long precedure.


I was looking also to the Overlander bag from LoneRider, which seems to fill all the gaps the Mosko product has, quick attach and release with clips, it can also be used as a backpack, and also has a sturdy aluminium insert which can be used to secure the bag to the bike with a wire with padlock or more fancy Steelcore strap with padlock.


Does anyone have experience with these two duffle bags?
Any pros or cons from your experience?

Thanks for any information.

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How about a canoing bag? Waterproof and turn into backpacks for portage. For example. A cheap 45 litre, below, All the way from nothing to 75 litre. I bet a bike specific one (touratech? Would be four times the amount for a name. 


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😳 holy Shet, I thought I was exaggerating. This is taking the piss out of your customers. 


This moto-duffle does it all: it's a duffle, a backpack, and a quick-stash spot during the day. It's a way to keep your...


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Mosko Moto had a lock strap.
Don't know which one you have but i travelled with the Scout 60 duffle and used the lock strap.
The 30L i'm going to use in my next trip together with the Reckless 80 does not have a metal plate but my experience is that you worry too much.
I have the cable lock and loop it somehow. In most cases a visible lock for short brakes doesn't need to be useful, in those situations a person steeling random stuff in a go by don't have and/or take the time to check if it actually does something.
When you leave it for a longer period of time the lock might even attract thieves even faster because if it's locked there might be something of value in it.

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On 4/17/2022 at 3:22 AM, Tasslehoff said:

I don't feel very comfortable to leave my bag on the bike while I'm taking a coffee, eating a sandwich or simply going to the bathroom...


Simple, carry a stove and make your coffee by the bike, and piss in a bush 😁

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