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Hello from Norway!


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Hi guys!


I am really happy to join this forum with fellow Tenere 700 guys! 


I live in Norway, were we have snow pretty much six months a year, so our riding season is quite short. I ride around 20.000-30.000km during the season, so this is how most people are used to see me during the summer: 


But we make the best of it, and from time to other we go to Spain to drive in the winter time. ? 


For me, the T7/Tenere 700 adventure started three years ago, when the first prototype was shown. I immediately wrote myself on the interest list at my local dealer, and the said the bike would arrive next spring. Well, we all know the story from there...


Since I have a good relationship with the Yamaha distributor in Norway, I am lucky enough to get the first Tenere 700 when it arrives in Norway.  


In the meantime, we all have to wait patiently for this awesome bike. I hope to have some nice discussions, tech tips and picture sharing until the bike arrives. I have also posted some pictures of my past and present bikes here: 



Have a nice day!




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5 hours ago, TavisB said:

Welcome Fabros!

Thank you! 

3 hours ago, admin said:

Thanks for joining us @Fabros ! Nice looking R1200 ! I look forward to seeing your future ride reports and posts. 

Thank you! They will come as soon as the Tenere arrives. ? 

23 minutes ago, Christopher said:

Great photo! 

Norway is on my travel list  - especially Lofoten and further north.


- Chris 


I have never visited Lofoten myself, so that is also on my travel list. Ironically, I´ve been to the US three times, and travelled through ten countries last year, but I have never gone to one of the most iconic places in my own country. Well, some day. ? 



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20 hours ago, NRWhiteKnight said:

Welcome @Fabros. It's great to have another enthusiast here with us. Post up on some of your adventure trips. I bet you have seen some wonderful places.

Thank you!


Yeah, maybe I´ll post some pictures from previous trips. ?



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