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Skid plate screws size?


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I’m wondering what the Screw size is on the skid plate? I’m in Alaska and the bike is at my brothers in WA. state so can’t just look and I really don’t remember. Is there a Torx and a socket size?


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Not sure of the actual bolt size, but the head is a 10mm hex so a 10mm socket fits.

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8 or 10? 
8 looks more like it from what I can remember.


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It's a classic "out of sight, out of mind" situation! 😄Screw sizes can be a real puzzle sometimes, and it can vary from one bike to another. To be sure about the right size and tool, I'd recommend checking your bike's manual if you have it. If not, hopping on a forum dedicated to your bike's make and model can be a lifesaver. Fellow riders usually have the inside scoop on these things.But here's another ace up your sleeve: I came across a store that specializes in bolts and screws. They're not just about selling stuff; they know their nuts and bolts (pun intended!). They might have some insight or even the exact size you need.

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