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Price out the door?


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Hello! I'm selling my MT-10 and making the move to a T7 hopefully sooner rather than later. 


Not sure if this is an approved thing to ask but I'm wondering what you guys are paying out the door. I got what I felt was a really high number from the dealer near me (southern Arizona), $15,500 with the "Rally package" (frame guard, chain guard, skid plate, tank pad, mono-seat? not sure exactly). 


I'm just curious if that's what I should expect. They seem to be selling fast but I've gotten calls that they're available (before I was ready to buy) on a regular basis. 


Feel free to DM me!




(I tried like 20 different search terms and couldn't find anything)





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I got a great deal in July 2020 before the world imploded.  I would attempt to purchase a new 2022 Tenere 700 for list plus shipping and set up.  So….about $11,000.00 + tax, title fee, and registration fee for your locale.

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Call it like $1200 for the Rally kit, $800 for setup and delivery, and $700 for tax and title in AZ and I get 13,700. Call it 14 even. I feel like 15,500 is a hefty surcharge. 😞


Thanks for the reply!

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I've seen others say they were able to purchase without the destination charge ($430 according to Yamaha's website) and freight surcharge ($250). I feel like those dealers are few and far between these days, I called quite a few and the price did vary. Not much though. Dealer in Utah was at $11,600, dealer in MT and SD were right at $11,000 out the door. I don't have to pay sales tax and (permanent) registration is another $200 on top of that. 

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