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Hello everyone,


My name is Chad Goings, I am the owner/custodian/accountant/warehouse worker at KEDO Parts USA. A bit about myself; I grew up in a motorcycle family. My father raced dirt bikes growing up and passed on the traits to us kids. He bought me my first dirt bike when a was maybe 7 or 8. From there I road/raced a handful of different dirt bike. Until I was 16, I saved up money from the only job you can get at 16 which was a lifeguard (why this is legal I have no idea). I purchased a 1973 Triumph Tiger, luckily growing up in Wichita, KS it is pretty standard that every Father teachers their kids how to fix things and not replace them (We use to be the Aerospace capital: Boeing, Learjet, Cassena, Hawker, Beechcraft all started here). I built the Triumph up then sold it, from there I built a Yamaha TX650 that made BikeExif. At that same time I was going to junior college for Composite Engineering, this landed me a apprenticeship in Madrid, Spain with Pepo at Radical Ducati/XTRPepo. Once I got back from Spain I built a Yamaha SR400/500 Kit, that got me invited to the Handbuilt Show in Austin. After the show I was offered a job at Revival Cycles. Although it was a great opportunity I moved back for my now wife. Once back in Wichita I continued to work on bikes. I did some carbon fiber work for James Compton Customs (James is probably one of the best engine builders in the country).   Then I went back to school for business marketing, while going through school I worked for two motorcycle collectors, restoring pre/post war bikes. 


Post school I did the typical graduate job and went into sales, then a marketing job which I still am currently working at. While I was doing most of this, I was still working in and out of motorcycle shops as a tech, parts sales, and even finance and insurance. I have tried to purchase at least two different motorcycle business, then the KEDO opportunity came along and I couldn't say no. I love the motorcycle industry and I love the people within the industry. I am more than thrilled to be back in working in our industry. Once I knew, the KEDO deal was a go I became a member of the Motorcycle Industry Council (these are the people that make sure our industry continues and that you Californians can lane split 🙂 ) My main goal for the business is to help build a better future for the motorcycle industry and to serve you the consumer as best as I can. 


I really appreciate everything Rob has done here and I want to thank him and you all for building such a great community around the T7.

I do have to apologized if my emails/messages are sent out past 9pm. I am still moonlighting this business, I do most of the work on it after 9. 


Thank you again. 


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I was 16 when I became a lifeguard not 14!
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KEDO as a brand: Kedo was started by Daniel Doritz and his business partner Erik Kerger (KErger & DOritz = KEDO). They were trying to get parts for their Yamaha XT and TT's but the local shops were either out of parts or late to ship. Living in a heavy industrial city, Hamburg, they decided to start making their own parts. Daniel and Erik started off manufacturing parts for the SR/XT/TT500, which most of us Americans are familiar with. They then progressed to the Yamaha singles successors, the SRX600, the XT600 Tenere, XT660Z Tenere and now the new Tenere 700. True to German nature their attention to detail goes above and beyond in their product design. In my next video you will hear (maybe I very introverted) my voice get excited about some of the details I find while installing the products. They design and think beyond the product and care/look out for the bike after the product is installed. They are also very thoughtful for the user, everything I have installed that they have designed has taken under 10 minutes, plus the fit and finish is defiantly taken into high consideration. Daniel and Erik plan to continue to manufacture and source the top of the line products for KEDO and for the Tenere 700! 

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added (KErger & DOritz = KEDO).
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