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"The Tenere 700, A Love Story"


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I spent 2 years lusting over this bike. I put in multiple deposits at the end of 2020.


End of June 2021 comes and I get THE CALL. I go and pick it up and bring it home, farkle it, take some day rides in it, etc.


About 6 weeks later I was planning my solo trip down the west coast and getting really anxious about parting with my Super Tenere that had treated me so well.

I was nervous to the point of feeling sick about selling the S10. I ended up selling the T7, for exactly what I paid for the bike, taxes, Extras, etc - to a scorned former KTM 790r owner.


The night before he had come to pickup the bike, my wife floated the idea of just keeping both, but I ended up following through with the T7 sale. I went on my trip, my S10 performed flawlessly, and I was satisfied.


A couple months later I found myself back on 3 T7 waitlists.


Then, by miracle, I looked at the T7 dealer list and saw one at a dealer; went to their site and it said “In Transit.” Expecting to be letdown, I called with reserved enthusiasm, and to my surprise, he said it was unspoken for.


I paid over the phone Tuesday and picked her up today.


Now, my two Tenere Children will co-exist as the best Tag Team of all-time




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Good story.  That would be an anxiety moment for me.  The bike looks wonderful in black.  Congratulations. 

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Like it. Are you sure she said “keep both,” or did you hear “keep both” 😁

I sometimes think I hear my wife say “ you know you should spend a bit more money buying stuff for your bike”. 🤔

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That is a great story and I completely get it. Funny how certain bikes take on a human like quality and become like a family member. I got my T7 in early March 2022 as a replacement for my 2008 KLR that I purchased brand new. In those 14 years with the KLR it took me places I didn't know existed, we shared countless great experiences in some amazing places, went through some very difficult and scary moments together, and not one time did the old girl let me down. I could have kept both bikes but the idea of the KLR sitting alone in my shop while I grab the newer T7 just didn't seem fair. The KLR still had plenty of "Let's Go" left in her. It was sad and hard to let the KLR go but I know she is bonding with her new owner and building new memories; all while I do the same with the new T7.





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The s10 is a great bike. I regretted selling mine. Big and heavy but did suprisingly well off road and was awesome on the street. 

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