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A question for the learned assembly:


Routine checks around my 2022 bike today showed a low coolant level with a stone cold motor.

The bikes done 3200 kms from new.

A check at 1000 kms showed the level about  midway.

The user manual says it should be at the top mark (full) level at cold.

This looks like more than normal usage to me.notsure

Also,  does the coolant colour look correct?


The bike runs great.  Doesn't overheat and there's no signs of leakage.


Opinions welcomed ('specially positive ones):008:




Riding faster than everyone else only guarantees you'll ride alone.....        


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A few days ago I added about 40ml of  the coolant to my T7. For the first time after about 14000 km. When the engine is cold, the level of the coolant  should be midway or a little bit higher. But it should not be to the maximum when it is cold. It can be to the maximum when the coolant is warm.

The color of the coolant on your picture is ok.

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Thanks for that prompt reply @slawmir.

Your answer eased my concern a bit. I've always maintained my coolant level to the level you suggested.

I was a little puzzled when I read in the manual (page 16:5) to add coolant to the maximum level mark.

It also says not to exceed this level as this would reduce the volume left to allow for expansion. 

(There is actually quite a bit of tank volume left when the coolant level is at its full mark)

I'm thinking that I'll be adding coolant to about ¾ up from bottom mark to top mark.

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Riding faster than everyone else only guarantees you'll ride alone.....        


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@Toppie I found perhaps different or maybe better service manual for your T7 and there is said that the engine should be warm up for several minutes before checking the coolant level. Page 92, table of contents 3-27.




By the way, the T7 is my first liquid cooled bike.🙂 

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