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Metallic noise downshifting


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Hi, i got this brand new tenere 700 2021 (euro 5)


I did the scheduled services from an autorized yamaha dealer, it has now almost 1500km


i had they mount the oem yamaha crashbars and the oem rear rack


i notice this metal to metal contact sound when downshifting, i can ear it from the engine and is a tad worrysome cause it wasn't there on the previous tenere 700 2019 i had before


the clutch itself is a bit hard but i believe it's for the mineral oil they usually put in it and because it is a new bike


the noise is present even if i do the revving thing after pulling the clutch before downshifting, and i can hear it a little even if i go on a bump


i can ear it most of the time, at high revs or lower, but not always, rather when i downshift genty and also when i'm more decise


i also dismount the skid plate adding some rubber spacers between it and the frame without success


i also checked if it could came from the lever but apparently it doesn't


the chain tension looks fine


i called to the service, 2 autorized different dealers and both they said it's normal...who knows

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Well, something is not as tight as it should be.  I would take a wrench and check to see if the fasteners are tight on the newly installed accessories as well as all the other fasteners I can visually see.  Do them all.  That way you won't lose any prematurely.  

Don't take it back until you have gone through this exercise as it's a great way to get to know your bike.  

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i've checked them, the screws are tight

i wonder if it may be a clutch or transmission internal issue, something broken

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On 5/18/2022 at 9:04 AM, NicoNicoNii said:

metal to metal contact

Kickstand has a weak spring on it, it tends to clank on bumps. Camel ADV has a really nice upgrade for $12.


The OEM side stand return spring is a bit on the weak side and has a tough time holding up the side stand. This is especially true over rough terrain. If the side stand is allowed to swing down...


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i've noticed that with two people on the bike the gear shifts become perfect, smooth and without added noises...may it be the chain regulation?

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i did 3d printed a thicker spacer in petg for the shift rod shaft which exit from the engine and greased the chain..less noise but from the chain

it's not solved




i'll try later on with an oil change

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