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Heej from Sweden

Adi Torpan

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Thanks for accepting me in this forum! I am originally from Romania but I am living now in Sweden. This is a picture of my old motorcycle and the new motorcycle (Tenere 700) that I am waiting for to be delivered.


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Welcome! I actually drove past your town  two days ago :-). I hope your new bike arrives soon!

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An inmate from the Netherlands, from Deventer, which is not far away from my hometown, is driving near by Värnamo, Sweden. These international forums are crazy stuff...




Welcome to the Tenere 700 forum, Adi!

Seeing your XT 660 Z 2008 design let me miss the Yamaha speed blocks on the actual Tenere.





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1 hour ago, Bror said:

Hello from Åmål! Waiting for my black, seems like I'll get it in February.

Tenere 700.jpg

 My motorcycle also comes in February :classic_cool:

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6 hours ago, Adi Torpan said:

finally ... my baby 😎😎😎


Nailed the colour choice!

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Location: Central Ontario, Canada

Riding footage: www.instagram.com/beefmoto

Message me if you are close - let's go riding!

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On 1/16/2020 at 7:00 AM, Bror said:

Hello from Åmål.
Have they started to be delivered normally ordered in Sweden?

No, it was ordered from November 16

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Congratulations on your nice T7! I ordered my black one at the end of September ..... so soon maybe 🙂


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