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Kriega OS Base compatibility


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Hey guys,

So I found a cheap ish Kriega OS base online secondhand. Now it got me thinking, would using this base work with different kind of soft bags besides the Kriega US variants?

Has anyone here tried it or seen of it being done? I installed outback motortek rear panier racks this year but I'm finding them to make my bike very bulky/heavier and my luggage sticks out a lot. I've been contemplating changing to a more fitted set up like Kriega offers. Problem is, the pricing and the fact that I already have 2x 30L Red Mamut soft bags.


Just throwing it out here, maybe someone can confirm or deny this.



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i use kriga os soft panniers on just a rideavd solo rack

thy will fit a number of bags. nelson for example.

the kriga back plate i dropped as i did not like the look or the tought of them.

rather have a rack that does it all instead of a pice of ... well what ever it is.


did add 2 loops to the top so i can hang my 32l bags on them. without strapping it.


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It’s only a thick patch of material with loops/slots in the right place for the kriega OS bags, so you could probably mount all sorts of kit with different straps to adapt them. A bit of trial and error. Kriega do replacement straps so you could get two packs and feed them around your bags or something. Or just some Thule cam straps squeezing them down to the base like the givi canyon mentioned above. If you had to, you could cut new slots in the base to accept yours. Some “tailors” even do heavy duty repairs on bags/leather etc so could modify your set up to your needs. 

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It's these bags that I would somehow have to fit. They seem a lot bigger than the OS base but so do the US30 or whatever relevant size, which I assume the OS can carry. I guess you're right about the patch probably being adjustable. Hmm



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