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Great riding at Red River Gorge!


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Just got back from a great 4 days of riding in the Daniel Boone Natl’ Forest… rode the complete adv loop and some of the DS stuff.  Definitely about the limit of where I care to dance with this big girl- but damn, what a place and besides a couple of drops in a real rocky climb (Fin Castle road- I’m sure anyone who’s been there recognizes it!) my big lady did great.  We stayed at Lago Linda (rented a cabin- on a lake… highly recommended… the hosts Larry and Elaine were amazing!  Anyhow, pics or it didn’t happen- I’ll post up a few.  7B7BEE0D-D78A-48A2-BF94-08EF359B97CD.jpeg.d9e094ffabbc612b792f813b42311e97.jpeg

View from the cabin


Plenty of cool spots for pics


I think I counted like 12 water crossings… some were deeper than my 21” front tire.  This one wasn’t. 

Dropped her 3 times trying to get up this one.  Pretty tough climb.  My new rally seat didn’t help- I’m not tall enough.  


I was pretty tired by the time I made it up!


Nothing a little Kentucky Clear and Ale81 couldn’t tackle 

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Great pictures @kyle01.  I'm glad you posted up this excursion.  I don't think I'd tackle the rocky stuff.  Very intimidating.  

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I've ridden through Red River Gorge on the street while heading to Lexington to watch the Red Mile Flat track race. Where did you find info on a Adv loop in the area?

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They are readily available but I’ll post up some links when I get a chance.  If you’re on a big bike this was a good 4 days worth of riding 848E8017-2940-4AC2-96FD-5860487E35E3.png.7e78f3ca0de81ace31be1cad3be1f23c.png

The red section by #4 is Fin Castle road and the only really shitty (I mean challenging) spot.  Can’t speak to 7 & 6 because they are closed but the rest is a hoot!  Fun Castle is too, just gotta be ready to work a little bit!

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Wow!....we just missed you.

We got to Lago Linda on the 21st and left on the 24th.  Didn't cover nearly as much ground as you but did get our fill of Old Fincastle Road!



Easy Hill Pic.jpg

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Adventure Ride Paper Map ADV Routes Master GPX File How hard do you Adventure? My goal is to make sure that everyone that attends Red River Scramble has a good time. One of my worst fears is putting riders on trails that are...


For anyone looking for the .gpx files.... this is what I used.

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