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Valve stem fail OEM rear tube

Dave D

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Hi. Rim locks are a good idea! Here's what I found when upgrading tyres and tubes on the rear wheel of my 2022 T7. 3500 miles. Very little off road. No reduced pressures, (this surprised me - been running 36psi as per spec.), Pirelli Scorpion OEM rear tyre, (what's left of it!). The metal of the old valve stem is just about at the point where it would have cracked and either dumped me or stranded me. Will be fitting two rim locks to rear wheel. Poor show Yamaha.


Valve stem fail.JPG

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Bit sad to blame it on Yamaha.
Yes they made some bad decisions and had some quality issues but i don't see how this could be blamed on them.
Today is the first time i run the recommended pressure because of the trip ahead but normally i run 1,9bar in the rear and 1,7 in the front.
Ride a lot offroad en play a lot with drifting in the corners but have no reason for beadlocks at this moment since i never had any problems like this and i'm really not gentle with my bikes.
One thing i'm always do after changing a tyre is the first 100 - 150km is behaving myself and let the water evaporate from the tyre mounting lube by the heat that gets in the tyre during that time. What's left is something sticky helping prevent the tyre to rotate but when you don't do that and hang on the throttle too soon that stuff helps rotating the tyre on the rim.

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Tires will slip on the rim.  I leave the stem nut loose and up off of the rim and the stem cap in place.  If the stem starts to sit at an angle, you'll know the tire has slipped a bit.  I wouldn't put rim locks on as they really upset the balance of the tire and makes it difficult to balance up.  Hope this helps.

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