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Flashing and tuning options

Buggy Nate

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So going down the rabbit hole of tuning options I’d thought I’d create this topic if only to collect my own thoughts and options.


I rate 2WDW up near the top as I’ve only ever been able to find a few negative thing said amongst the many happy customers. I have used the FTECU software myself for years as a mechanic tuning my own Mt-09 Tracer to a healthy 122hp. I am quite familiar with it but as I had changed trades, I no longer have easy access to a dyno. The only downside is having to send the ECU overseas and be at the mercy of our useless postal service.


Spoke to Nels who helpfully advised I can purchase the flash tune kit and flash myself at home. I was also keen to try the autotune software as opposed to a ‘off the shelf map’ so to speak. I’m well sure Nels has a much better map than I’d ever create but being on the other side of the world has its drawbacks. Differing fuels etc spring to mind.


If I went the autotune option I’d have to modify the ignition timing map myself also.


I also contacted Rapid tune to speak to them about their autotune option, however it lacks the functionality to alter fan temperatures and fuel deceleration cut along with a few other parameters. It is also more expensive.


The power commander ‘piggy back style’ have never been an option as I was always uninspired by their performance and options. So far from what I have researched on the power vision 3 it isn’t ticking any boxes either.


Has anyone gone the autotune route and have they started from scratch or also purchased a map from 2WDW and fine tuned from there?

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I decided to go with 2WDW and sent in my ECU for a flash. In general, I am happy with how my bike performs, but a couple of issues keep me from being 100% satisfied. 


The main problem is that FTECU did an update right before 2WDW flashed my ECU and they failed to test adequately, resulting in a permanent CEL with no codes being stored. To fix this, I am going to have to send my ECU back to 2WDW at my expense and risk of it disappearing in shipment. 


I am also having a problem with poor regulation of idle RPM even with the O2 sensor disconnected. 


I was an engineer in product development for much of my career and understand how these things can happen.  What really bothers me is that 2WDW appears to be treating this almost like it's my fault. To avoid having to send in my ECU again, I asked if it would be possible to switch over to a FTECU flash kit and 2WDW flash file.  I asked for some financial help with this since the problem is with product they sold me that does not work correctly.   Their response was that I would need to purchase a new FTECU license for the ECU that had already been flashed with their technology and they did not offer any assistance with the cost. 


I guess there are a couple of takeaways from this.  The first is that licensing of the FTECU flash kit and 2WDW's mail in ECU flash service are not related. I certainly did not understand this before.  The second is that 2WDW provides a nice product but I  found their customer support lacking, especially compared to vendors like CamelADV.


If I could go back in time, I would still go with 2WDW, but would have purchased the FTECU flash kit so that I could have a lot more control of the process. 

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I appreciate the reply, always good to hear as many viewpoints as possible. I’m sure 2WDW has their map well sorted and I would be saving time in the long run. But I am afraid my curiosity as a mechanic could not be satisfied knowing I had a map installed I couldn’t see and appreciate the modifications to.

I understand entirely why they have to censor their maps/intellectual property. I myself have been a victim of it in the past and was well pissed.

I just have a need to know! 🤣

So I’ll be going the autotune route and plenty of research and ride time in to sort it out. I actually have zero complaints about the fuelling/mapping with just a slip on. Even the apparent ‘jerkiness’ is non existent. Maybe I have just learnt to be smooth after 7 years on a Mt-09!

Ill pull the ecu out to confirm a match with the software on the Euro 5 ecu.

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On 11/3/2023 at 4:08 PM, Chadillac said:

@Buggy Nate, curious how this worked out for you. I'm looking to go the same route for the same reasons.

I never went ahead with it mate. The bike runs super well with the exhaust and air filter. Sure I could squeeze a bit more of it tune wise but it’s perfectly fine as is. I don’t need more off-road and on the road just gets me into trouble.

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