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Cheap Shorty Exhaust?


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Hey all, I am looking in to getting a new exhaust because I absolutely hate how quiet it is. I love the look of the  short exhausts is there anything wrong with buying a super cheap slip on shorty exhaust for the Tenere 700?

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I didn't have a problem using a cheapo slip on. When the headers were replaced (arrow SS, with no catalytic converter) I got the ECU flashed (2WDW). Sure, it was louder, but could be tuned with a "DB Killer". Usually one included when you buy the cheap slip on. If not, they're cheap as well. Search a "51mm dB killer" on ebay/Amazon. Otherwise, leave it out and let er rip I guess. 

Mine has progressed to this. Arrow headers, custom link pipe to raised exhaust. Db killer in a cheap can, ecu flashed. Not too loud, not too quiet either. image.png.76b5c2512a19e625a75ff8b4fa1d7736.png

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Got a stainless one built up now. That one was a mild steel "mock up". Puts the pipe in a nice spot though. Right up and out of the way. The wrap and guard on that old one got pretty beat up (zoom in, its rough!). Much better in the stainless.

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I've had a cheap stainless shorty on for over 10000km, no problems at all, sounds a lot better than stock, looks a lot better, a lot lighter too. If I  drop  and damage it's only $60 to replace.



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