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Fell in love with T7 all over again


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I got a T7 in the first wave to hit the US two years ago.  Love the bike.  I'm mostly a dirt bike guy, with two YZ250FXs, but I wanted something for long bombing trips in the western USA.  I got the T7, ordered the touring package with panniers, guards, and a center stand, and put 9,000 miles on it in two years.  The bike is just like a trusty friend, I've had it from SLC, UT to Canada and back in a 3-day weekend, and from SLC to Mexico and back in a two-day weekend, both 1800 mile trips.


I've been eyeing a World Raid, and told my dealer I'll take the first one he can get.  Last weekend I had a free day and took a loop from SLC up i15 into Idaho, onto the east part of the BDR Idaho-Utah connector, then down the Utah BDR to Monte Cristo, 280 miles about half off-road.  It was an awesome 7 hours, but it really got me thinking I want to get into more off-road with the bike.  Don't get me wrong I take it off-road plenty, but my main trips have been long mostly highway jets.


I decided on the ride I wanted to go a different direction with the World Raid, and build it lighter weight.  I'm constantly feeling like I'd like a little more power.  I'm 5'9" 180lb, and with me and the whole adv kit the bike will kindof go 100mph, and wiggles like a fish over 90.  I had in mind I'd go with aluminum crash bars, no center stand, and a rackless pannier system like the TUSK Highland X2.  Maybe even drop a few more lbs with an exhaust and Li battery.


I had today off, and I know the next bike is probably a year out, so I ordered a tail-tidy on Amazon for like $30 thinking I could at least lose that 5 pounds off my current bike.  When I got out to the garage, I just didn't stop.  I took everything off but the crash bars.  Rear fender junk, center stand, passenger pegs, and pannier racks.  Total removal was 33lbs.  The front of the bike has 220lb, rear has 244 now with a full tank.  Also in an unrelated story I just lost about 15 pounds myself, so that helps too.


Let me tell you what, I'm not going to miss that stuff at all!  I took an off-road ride on some rough local mountain truck trails, and the T7 felt like a different machine, it hilariously reminded me of the first time I took it out the day I had taken delivery.  It was fast, a little unfamiliar, and I wanted to jump it.  This time I didn't flip it though!  It was awesome just sitting in 3rd gear railing dirt corners and just crushing across ruts and rocks at 50mph.


I do think I'll still pick up a World Raid for the fuel capacity and suspension travel, but my bike is going to be a whole lot more fun until they make it across the pond.Preview attachment 20220713_195844.jpg

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Good writeup, it'll be interesting to compare your current T7 with the World Raid.  Pics didn't work,  all sent me to a Gmail temporary error page.  Might try deleting those links, save as .jpeg ( size must be smaller than 1.5MB) and try posting those. 

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