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Hi all,


Bought my T7 2022 about 2 weeks ago and so far had a great time, already went for a good 800km road trip and dropped the bike twice!


Looking at minimalistic crash bars, I liked Givi's option - any thoughts/things I should be aware of for the Givi's crash bars? Other minimalistic suggestions or links available in EU?


Skid plate -  I also liked Givi's option here, but I think this is only for the 19/20 model and not the '22? Can you guys recommend other skid plates that would cover the rear linkage and potentially a link for EU? Pref not too pricey - another pro of Givi's option here. 


Handguards - I looked mainly at Acerbis & Bark busters. One of my main worries is that I can see it requires to take off the bar ends which in return increases the vibrations in the handle bar drastically which I'm really not interested in. I'm also curious as to what exactly handguards protects? From my logical view it can only really be the levers.. Would they provide extra protection for the fairings if the bike's "drop point" is higher due to the bike leaning on the handguards instead of the handle bar while fallen over?


Wind buffeting - I'm getting wind buffeting quite bad. Any similar experiences and if yes, what have you done? Removed windscreen, installed shorter one or a larger one? Any recommendations?


Fender Eliminator - I heard some aftermarket fender eliminators do not fit perfectly and therefore would actually cause dirt/water etc to come up under the tail? Can any of you recommend any tail tidy's that have a proper fit and is available in EU?


Headlight/dash - I heard some reports that you shouldn't take the bike on hard off-roads without stabilising the headlight and dash. That seems like a big miss from Yamaha here - is this true?


And then a little picture just for attention and my long ramble. Appreciate any feedback here guys! 





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I have the B&B bash plate and outBack motortek crash bars. Have had here on its side a few times, few scars but no damage to anything major. 

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I've dropped mine twice on the left side, once in deep sand and once stopping on pavement when my left foot went into a divot which I didn't see. I don't have crash bars and there was no damage to the sides. The handlebar ends took the hit. By the way I've since lowered the bike 1 inch and it's much better at stops for me and there's still plenty of ground clearance.


I have Barkbusters which are great on some bikes but the end of the clutch lever is all the way against it. The rotational positioning is also limited due to interference with the clutch cable and adjuster. It's ok but I'd go with a different brand; search this forum for the experience of others.


My skid plate is a Black Dog which I highly recommend mostly because of the way it mounts. But I don't know if these are available in Europe and they're not cheap.


Everyone is experiencing wind buffeting. I don't travel a lot at high speeds so my windshield is stock. There are a number of threads on here on this subject so again do a search.


I have a Yoshimuru fender eliminator which is fine. There are a number of options here; everyone seems to have their favorite. As an aside I had cyclops tail lights which constantly came loose. I replaced those with a set of Suzuki DRZ's which have a better mounting setup and I like the look.


The headlight and dash does wobble but this should certainly not deter anyone from taking the bike off-road; it's just annoying. There are some aftermarket solutions available but I just stuck some firm foam rubber between the dash mount and the windshield bracket. It's charcoal colored so it's not even noticeable; problem solved.


Don't obsess about any of this and don't be in a hurry. The T7 is a great bike so enjoy yours.

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