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TET NL Section 11


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Hey guys,


since I'm having a few days of vacation left, I want to do section 11 (Maastricht-Roermond-Venlo-Venray) of TET Netherlands some day next week. Would be my first offroad tour (not counting a few km of gravel roads), have to admit I'm a little bit scared 😬

Will give it a try on stock tires (still good amount of tread on them), hoping it won't be muddy.


Any warnings, hints or suggestions for a rookie?


Anyone willing to join me, let me know, I'm available more or less any day of the week.



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That Maastricht - Roermond - Venlo is new (the light blue line in the app preview) but it looks like part of it is my daily commute.
The other parts i did and the part from Well to Groesbeek i did with the 275kg Crosstourer and that was also the first time real offroad for me. With the T7 even on stock tyres it should be a walk in the park, just near Gennep is a small climb wich is easier coming from the south.
Go to my channel on YouTube and you can find some footage of the TET NL. In the "mudmasters" version i did on my XT660Z you will see the little hill from the south side. That i did just after some heavy snow that just melted so just about the worst you can get.
I can't come because my vacation is over after tomorrow and i may start with 2 6 day weeks.
If you want a nicer start in case you start in Maastricht and you want a more TET worthy start you have to plan your trip to be here in Brunssum around 17:00 (not on Monday because then i have to work until 19:00 and ik can show you some offroad because until Echt you won't see much unpaved and miss out on some nice tracks.
But you have my number so you can give me a call.

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Thanks Ray, watched your video before. You make me feel more confident about it.


My plan is though to start quite early and cover as much distance as possible in one day, and then return home. Whole tour would be 370km, most time will of course be spent on the TET. If I'm getting too tired, I will leave TET around Venlo or so. I'll probably do it on Tuesday.

But we will find another day for exploring your local trails, sounds great 👍

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2 hours ago, Tenerider said:

My plan is though to start quite early and cover as much distance as possible

Than i would suggest to enter te track in Echt.
Looked at it i bit closer and i do see some probable offroad below that but i don't thing it's very exciting.
I might check it out today, have to testride the Rapid Bike install.

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I did the part between start and Montfort in opposite direction and it's not as boring as i thought.
There are a few point that need a change and try to do that tonight or tomorrow, also contact the linesmen about it.

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Rode it today, thanks to Ray's help it was a great experience. Will do a write-up later.

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