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Hello from Narvik Norway!


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Hi Guys and Girls Currently on trip from Southern Uk up to Northern  Norway. Blasted through: France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Denmark, ferry from Hirtshals to Kristiansand. Then North West to Molde and Voss, up the Trollstigen pass, Geiranger Fjord. Over to Skutvik for the ferry to Lofoten. Now in. At I’m with front tyre issues, probably the autobahn heat - 44 degrees going passed Hamburg. No tyres in Top bit of Norway and four day wait for one to get trucked up, so off to a Yamaha dealer in Luleå Sweden, he’s holding a replacement for me. T7 doing 27 kms/litre at Norwegian 80kph speed limit, using no oil (obviously) and getting very dirty as it’s been cold and pissed with rain a lot (using lots of chain lube). It is VERY EXPENSIVE here. I had one beer at £12, and had to buy pair of Gore-Tex trousers (left Rukkas at home, ‘it can’t be that wet and cold can it…). I can’t bear to tell you what they cost. And T7 heated grips are pathetic. Coming from the UK everything is at least twice the cost. Really! Scenery here is stunning, the roads fantastic - apart from 80kph limit, a I’m having a great time. Should have fitted different tyres, Road 5 Trail would be ideal, you don’t need knobblies unless you plan on off roading. That’s it for my hello! (Sorry photo USD)


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Norway must be on the opposite side of the globe from me.

We are all tattooed in our cradles with the beliefs of our tribe

~Oliver Wendell Holmes~

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Don't know where you had that beer, it is very expensive but max i paid was €9,80 for halve a litre.
Camping on the other hand is quite affordable there and it's a very clean country.

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There are some awesome gravel roads in Norway, up mountains and through forest, be a shame if you miss them. Sounds like your having a great time, its on my to do list when I can afford it. Enjoy !

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