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Vibey or smooth; plush or harsh?!


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Hi to all. New member here. Just put a deposit on a 2023. Hope to have it... in 2023...


Made a lot of research on the T7, as road test is not possible due to lack of availability in North America. 


Most of the reviews say the bike is great, etc., etc., etc.


But what stikes me is what I perceive to be the contraction between reviews on 2 things : the amount of vibrations and the suspension "harshness".


Almost everybody say the engine is smooth... but when you dig into owners reviews, a lot - if not a majority of them - talk about the relatively high level of vibrations felt through the handlebars, pegs and sometime seat, mainly above 4500-5000 rpm. So is the bike smooth or vibey?!?!


Smooth, for me, means not vibey, but maybe when most people say "smooth", they talk about the power delivery that is linear/not jerky, which is a different thing. If the bike is quit vibey above 4500-5000rpm, does it mean it's not that comfortable for longer rides on road? I guess that if you have more than one bike and that you use your T7 mainly off road, it doesn't matter if it's vibey. But if, like me, it's going to be your only all rounder bike, it matters a bit more...


So,is the T7 a vibey bike or not, compared, for example, to others adv bikes (890 adv, Africa twin,..)?


The second contradictory message I read - and this is probably due to my lack of deep knowledge of suspension - is concerning the plushness vs harshness of the suspension.


Some guys complain it's too plush off road, and some says it's too harsh on bumpy roads. My comprehension is that:

1- it's undersprung, so it will bottom up when riding hardcore offroad (meaning it's too soft/plush) for this kind of riding, especially if you are heavier that 150-160lbs 

2- because of the anti-squat effect of the T7, going over bumpy roads makes the ride feel harsh.


Am I understanding that suspension thing right? I'm questioning it, because I'm planning to ride 50% off-road and 50% on road, but the roads in my area are quit degraded/bumpy. Should I expect a harsh ride on those kind of roads?


Thanks for sharing.





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Put your location out there, maybe someone close to you will speak up and you can stop and visit.


The T7 is ALL the things you mention!!

One guys definition of harsh is another man's bliss.

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@Thomasttom it's pretty much what @Hibobbsaid, essentially everyone's definition is shaped by their experience,  riding conditions and sometimes,  expectations.   I've owned some of the (arguably) smoothest bikes built ( Honda ST1100, Yamaha FJR) and think the T700 is still one of the smoothest in relation to engine and frame/ bars vibrations.   My son has ridden KTM dirtbikes for a long time and one ride on my T700 got him on the list and he took delivery of one this past week. He too thinks it's the most vibe free bike he's ever ridden,  but again, everyone's different.   Suspension is also subjective,  again depending on how/ where you ride. Most agree it's too softly sprung in the rear and a lot of us have spent the $100 to fix that.


 You're going to find a 100 reviews and most likely 100 different opinions,  but yours is the most important one.  The upside is, if the bike doesn't meet your expectations,  you can most likely sell it for what you have in it, basically riding it rent free. 

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Go test a Aprilia Tuareg 660 - is 95% similar with the T7. And there are many available. 

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I own a 2021 T700 with just under 20,000 miles on it.  The engine is one of the smoothest engines that I’ve ever owned with a powerband  a mile wide.  I thought the suspension was extremely harsh when first purchased/ridden until it was re-sprung for my weight which made it pretty good.  I am 230 lbs with riding gear and ended up using a 9.5 rear and set of .66 springs from KTech.  They are a direct fit with no spacers, collars, or shims required.


Just my opinion from two years of ownership.

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I have  had mine for two weeks, 700 miles. The first thing you said I disagree with, the motor is smooth! I’ve only ever had single cylinder dirt bikes up to now so I’m amazed by this motor, to me it is pretty incredible. I would say this is one of those bikes that you buy for the motor. I sort of agree with what you said about the suspension. Mine is stock, I haven’t tried to tune it for myself yet, I weigh 200 lbs in riding gear, but no other gear yet. On bumpy pavement it is pretty harsh, surprisingly so. It can’t handle the small stuff. But off road I’m pretty impressed, I found it to be pretty plush and confidence inspiring, if a little unbalanced. I did bottom it out or cause a big “clunk” up front off one jump though. I’m not ready to make any changes suspension wise but if I could fix anything with the clickers it would be that small bump compliance. Gotta figure it out but it’s good enough stock that I’m in no hurry. It’s light years stock from something like a KLR IMHO.

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I'm by no means qualified to compare its suspension to other bikes. But regarding the vibrations on the bars: Completely negligible.

I am running grip puppies, but even before I got them, vibrations with stock grips are hardly noticeable at all.

The only thing which annoys me slightly is vibration on the front brake lever above 100 km/h. I like to rest my fingers on the levers from time to time.

Through neither OEM nor Rally seat could I ever feel unpleasant vibrations (only the pleasant ones, you know 😏).

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The bike is one of the smoothest sweetest motors I’ve ridden. And I’ve ridden a lot of bikes after over 20 years as a mechanic.

and this is really going to bake your noodle. Suspension can be too harsh and too plush! The bike is way under sprung for most people. Which gives you the too plush feeling, and it is a little over damper on the fast shaft speeds which can give a harsh feeling. I reckon that could be tuned out quite easily with the stock components after a re spring. I’ll probably do that, as they are still quality KYB gear.

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