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Seal savers / socks wont fit?


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There isn't enough cleareance between the shock and the plastic, for a seal sock on the T7.

Do other people have this same problem? Or is my plastic installed wrong?


(see image)


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What is a seal savers sock?
If you mean those neoprene sleeves like Acerbis they will fit because i have them on.

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I run them. No problems in 15,000kms.

I think I have Yamaha disease...

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I have been using the Shock Sox version with no problems since Aug 2020...I do rotate them so that the thickest part of the overlapping seam is away from the fender fork cover  


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5 hours ago, SamiNami said:

This is that I meant, I dont think there is enoguh clearance on the right side, the sock would rub against the plastic...

I just looked at mine and if there's not enough clearance once you fitted you can easily bent the metal bracket a bit inward.
The fender is mounted on a metal bracket each side which is fitted to the same bolts as the calipers, a slight tap with a mallet to move it a little more inwards and you have the clearance you need.

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