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Greetings from NOR California

Moto Coco

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I have yet to purchase, but I think I will buy it in Australia in November, where I will be starting a RTW journey solo female, and spending the first year all around AU. 


Looking forward to all the great info on this site! 


Also have 30 acres in NOR. CAL , 15 MILES off the famous HWY 49 "mother lode / gold rush / western towns" roughly between Lake Tahoe to Yosemite,  that is private and free for fellow riders to camp. Raw and dispersed, (as property was burnt in 2015 Butte-Calaveras wildfire)  however the views are insane! Gate code changes regularly, so message before you need a crash site ( no pun intended ) 😉 





Cheers 🍻  Coco

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Coco welcome, and thanks for your generous offer. SOCAL rider here, heading up to NorCal in a few weeks for a 2000M round-trip.

Do post your progress and planning- you will for sure find this a valuable and informative Forum.

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Thank you.. and of you want to know more killer back roads, let me know....and email me when you are close by..I will meet up on my HD haha until I get my T700. 


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Welcome, and as a RTW rider myself, go for it and have a safe trip. And the T7 is a good choice for it.

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I live closer to the bay but would love a short list of your favorite roads to ride out there off 49. 
Thanks for your generous offer I’ll camp there as soon as I get some luggage and gear for my brand new T7.


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